How to Stay on the Same Financial Page with Your Spouse During Inflation [Webinar]

Are you encountering financial stress due to the recession, inflation and increased layoffs? Do you and your spouse want to learn strategies to achieve your goals despite the economically changing times?

Learn how to prevent finance-induced conflict, create a sustainable plan and achieve your goals to beat these times.

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Date: 25th June, 2023 | Time: 6pm WAT

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Gain practical strategies to navigate financial challenges caused by inflation together.
  • Foster open and honest communication about money with your spouse.
  • Adapt your joint financial goals to mitigate the effects of inflation.
  • Create a shared budget that accounts for rising prices and promotes financial harmony.
  • Make informed investment decisions during inflationary periods.
  • Build trust and transparency to strengthen your financial partnership.
  • Address conflicts or disagreements about finances due to inflation.
  • Optimize your resources and manage debt effectively during inflation.
  • Connect with a supportive community looking to learn how to navigate economic changes as a family.
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