Eligible Singles Class

An eligible single who is thinking about getting married is in a crucial stage of life. This is due to the fact that your marriage will have an impact on all other facets of your life.

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An eligible single considering marriage is at a critical phase of their life. This is because who you marry will influence every other aspect of your life. Your choice of spouse can make or mar you; it can determine your life span, the outcome of your career, your health and sanity, your self-esteem, your relationship with other people, and the list is endless. If gotten right, marriage can be a bite into paradise while on earth, but if the case is the contrary, it is an experience of endless hell.

This class seeks to equip eligible singles with the primary yardstick for evaluating their emotional relationships while aiming to make the best possible marital decision.

Included in the class are;

  • Lectures.
  • Educative and relevant discussions with subject experts.
  • Educative and relevant movie recommendations with drawn-out lessons.
  • Educative and relevant music assessment with drawn-out lessons.
  • A 45 minute one on one online or physical session with Dr. Seun Olabode.
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What's included

  • 2.5 hours video
  • 40 minutes one on one virtual session
  • Discussion sessions with experts in relevant subject topics
  • Question and answer after each video
  • Certificate
  • Movies to watch and glean from
  • Music to watch and glean from
  • Watch Offline
  • 6 Months Access

What Will I Learn?

  • Personality Discovery Assessment.
  • Love Languages Assessment.
  • Beliefs / Cultural Assessment.

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