Marriage In Critical Situation Class

The longevity of any product depends not only on the quality of that product but also on the maintenance culture of its user.

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All marriages experience challenges but in some cases these challenges and differences begin to outweigh the purposes of the marriage which is for companionship, burden sharing mutual growth, and shared experiences.

When wounds are not effectively attended to, they fester and could lead to the amputation of the affected part or death if it is in a part of the body that cannot be cut off and isolated. The same thing applies in marriage, when issues, particularly those that affect the foundation of the marriage are not addressed, it could lead to separation, divorce or death.

This class is for couples who want to save their marriage, and go beyond salvaging their relationship to developing a thriving and happy marriage.

Included in the class are;

  • Lectures.
  • Educative and relevant discussions with subject experts.
  • Educative and relevant movie recommendations with drawn-out lessons.
  • Educative and relevant music assessment with drawn-out lessons.
  • A 45 minute one on one online or physical session with Dr. Seun Olabode.
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What's included

  • 2.5 hours video
  • 40 minutes one on one virtual session
  • Discussion sessions with experts in relevant subject topics
  • Question and answer after each video
  • Certificate
  • Movies to watch and glean from
  • Music to watch and glean from
  • Watch Offline
  • 6 Months Access

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